Coco app

Connecting people across the world for free.

Coco app is a free messaging app that allows users to chat, call or voice call their friends for free. While at Coco, I helped clean up and re-design various screens to fit the re-brand and improve the user experience.



In 2014, Coco brought stickers into their app to allow users to communicate with fun expressions. The Lil’ Monsters pack was the first in-house pack, designed by myself. After learning about all the requirements that go into creating a successful sticker pack, I designed a sticker design guideline for all future sticker artists.

Stickers Facebook Marketing Campaign

After designing and developing the stickers in the app, the coco team wanted to create an incentive campaign for people to get interested. The campaign called for more likes on their facebook page. Once the facebook page received 55,000 likes, we would release the stickers. The campaign was successful, and we launched the first three packs, including the lil’ monsters pack.

coco marketing campaign

Various Marketing Ads and Campaigns

Because Coco was still a young start up, we the marketing team wanted to experiment with as many stiles of face book ads as possible. So we literally threw everything at the wall to test what stuck.

coco ad chatting
coco ad chatting
coco ad about stickers
coco ad about voice call and a guy
coco ad about voice call with a girl
coco ad campaign - girl on white
coco ad campaign - black and white girl with phone
coco ad campaign - phone on green


To read more about the design process, check out the case study on the blog