Is it safe? - an app tool for pregnant women


How might we help inform pregnant women about what is safe and not safe for pregnancy?

When a woman becomes pregnant, one of the first things she may wonder about is what foods/drinks She may have to discontinue eating and drinking while pregnant. Most women know that drinking alcohol is unsafe and leads to serious life long health issues for her baby, but most don’t realize there are other foods and beverages unsafe for pregnancy as well.

That is why we created the “is it safe?” tool for My Pregnancy and Baby Today.




During the research phase, we discovered that there weren’t many competitors tackling a tool for this subject, and the ones that had the tool had outdated designs or only covered a list of foods.

We wanted to offer more than just a list of foods you couldn’t eat.




The project had been started in 2014, but was given lesser priority over other tools and was never completed. When we decided to build it, we worked off the Art Director’s initial wire frames and discussed simplifying.

is it safe tool - wireframes - v1


The second set of wireframes that I created were a little more detailed

is it safe tool - wireframes - v2





Once the team agreed on the flow, I began iterating on the landing page design. I started from the previous concept that was created for the old app, and updated the icons and some of the screens based off my new flow.